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World Famous Bear Viewing in Katmai & Explore Dick Proenneke's Cabin

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  • Each aircraft holds a maximum of 5 passengers.
  • Groups of 6 or more will be split into two aircrafts.
  • Current aircraft passenger/weight restrictions may further limit load, and may result in split parties.
  • Seating requests are not guaranteed.
Price per Person

Discover the Bears of Brook Falls and explore Dick Proenneke’s Cabin!

Brooks Camp and Brooks Falls are among the most famous sites for bear viewing in the world. Located in the heart of Katmai National Park, guests from across the globe come to watch Alaskan Brown Bears fishing for salmon in the Brooks River. Try to get that quintessential photo of a brown bear catching a salmon as it jumps a waterfall. Wander the platforms, boardwalks, and ground trails in the area. Take in the spectacular beauty that Katmai National Park has to offer. While this tour is not guided, the Katmai Rangers are posted throughout the area should you have any questions or would like more information. Expect to walk approximately 2 miles on even gravel trails and boardwalks. The bear activity can be experienced all over the area, but activity is abundant in the river, and viewing is available from raised platforms above Brooks Falls for optimum photos.

After exploring Brooks Falls, we’ll board the aircraft and fly to a remote homestead in Lake Clark National Park. Dick Proenneke’s Cabin is an amazing gem tucked away on Upper Twin Lake, made famous by his writings and the film “Alone in the Wilderness”.

You can learn more about Dick Proenneke and his life on upper twin lake at the website Alone in the Wilderness

This opportunity allows you to explore both Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park from the air and on land.